Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

Gems 12

Similar dresses

These two women have similarly styled dresses, which leads me to believe they may be sisters or another close relative.

Side portrait of a lovely lady

Side portrait of a lovely lady

Here we see a dress that looks to have been made of velvet or other napped fabric. The bodice is embellished with trims and buttons, many details to look at here. Her hair is dressed into an arrangement, then appears to be covered with a net and decorative headband. It reminds me of the Renaissance style of hair covering called a hood, but really only in a tangential way. A hood has a lot more going on with it than we see above.

Gems 12 - Girl

A younger sister perhaps?

The jawlines on these two ladies look very similar, plus with the nicely made clothing and also both wearing earrings, I am thinking more that these are sisters.

One thought on “Two Sisters?

  1. Ed Donnell says:

    Maybe they are of the same person? just two different posses or dates? They do look very similar.


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