Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

Liberty Bell 13

Lovely eyes with a high necked collar

Today we feature a fresh faced young woman with really lovely eyes. The way her hair is dressed combined with her soft face reminds me of a vintage china doll. Take a look at her blouse, too. The neck is made up of ruched fabric, probably a fine silk or silk/cotton blend. The rest of the blouse we can see appears to have cords stitched into the fabric as detail work. It probably also gave the blouse some structure. If the fabric was a lightweight, soft hand, the cords would give it just enough firmness to create the pigeon fronted look that was popular in Edwardian styles for women. Note that these features are also present on the previous two images made by the same photographer. They must be related in some way.

This photograph was made in the early 1900s by Tilton of Exeter, NH.

2 thoughts on “Liberty Bell 11

  1. The blouse is lovely and I appreciated your description of the fabric:)


  2. Perhaps these three gals were school friends and saved up for a day at the photographers! Or cousins:)


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