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Last in Bed

Last in bed puts out the light

Another fascinating stereoscopic image from about the 1890s, this time showing an intimate moment between man and wife. The card is #17 in a series and entitled “last in bed puts out the light.”

Last In Bed Cropped

As before, I pulled one piece of the image to manipulate a bit so we can try to see better what is happening. The couple are preparing for bed. Note that the lamp is on the woman’s side of the bed, so I wonder if she will get stuck with the domestic task. The man has draped his clothing over the foot of the bed and it appears the woman has draped her dress over a chair.

The card was made by Webster & Albee Publishers, in Rochester, NY. Apparently the cards were exclusive as they state “Sold only by canvassers.” I am not sure what a canvasser was.

3 thoughts on “Last in bed

  1. IntenseGuy says:

    I think a canvasser was a “door to door” salesperson.


  2. Ed Donnell says:

    intenseGuy hit the nail on the head, Door to Door sales man


  3. Found in a wonderful specialized book of rules for U.S. census takers
    published in 1930: (source: Google Books):
    Classified Index of Occupations:
    Fifteenth Census of the United States, Volume 2, Page 177
    There are 49 different varieties of “canvassers” which was only one occupation category under “Salesmen & Saleswomen”.


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