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Lost and forgotten photos from the past

Guns, dogs, and loads of fun!

Guns, dogs, and loads of fun!

This wonderful image from the early 20th century shows a hunting party, paused before they went off to rid the world of ducks or geese or some other wretched nuisance. (I jest, don’t worry) The group of 6 men and 1 boy are stopped on a small footbridge over a creek. Note that even the child has his own shotgun. I see 2 dogs, 7 long guns, 4 mustaches, 1 cigar and a bowtie. The small dogs suggest to me they were going for some sort of burrowing animal. The terriers were bred to go into underground burrows and bring out the prey. Whatever their quarry, I am certain they enjoyed tramping about the countryside all day, even if they came home empty handed.

2 thoughts on “Release the hounds!

  1. Ed Donnell says:

    Some things just don’t change,out here in farm country Nebraska you still see granddad, dad and son , and a few keen eyed bird dogs heading out with shoot guns loaded for Duck,Geese, or pheasant. taste far better than any such game bought in a store or restaurant that’s for sure. hard to find a young boy or girl from age 8 on up raised on a farm out this way who hasn’t totted a 4-10 or 20 gauge shot gun through many a corn field in the fall. although the bow ties have been exchanged for bright orange vests since a while back I guess, , oh well fashions come and go haha.


  2. mousleyka says:

    The one dog looks like perhaps it is a beagle – which are usually used to hunt rabbits. :)


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