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This is a great find – a black sailor named Rudolf Fletcher, posed by a column and looking confident. I am guessing this photo dates to the World War II era. Working on that theory, I did a little research and found a few Rudolf Fletchers.

  • Rudolf Fletcher, born October 10, 1928, died June 10, 1981. Entered the service April 9, 1946, left February 7, 1948
  • Rudolf Fletcher, born January 5, 1926, died September 15, 1986. Entered the service January 3, 1944, left January 12, 1946
  • Rudolf Fletcher, born April 13, 1934, died December 10, 1992. Entered the service February 19, 1952, left May 3, 1955

There is also a laundry list of Rudolf Fletchers who served in the Navy throughout the 1935-1950 era.

UPDATE: Iggy found that the Rudolph Fletcher I crossed out up there was a white man, so that eliminates him from the running for this photo. He also discovered Rudolph Valentino Fletcher Sr (1924-2002), who was buried near Oakland, CA. At least there is a connection here, as I bought the photo in California. Hopefully one day Mr Fletcher’s family will stumble upon this picture and be able to tell us if it is he. Thanks, Iggy!!

10 thoughts on “Rudolf Fletcher, US Navy Sailor

  1. Great picture! When I rescue a photo with a rather unique name, I’m always shocked when there turns out to be multiple possibilities for who it could be!


  2. mousleyka says:

    Rudolph Valentino Fletcher Sr. (1924-2002) buried near Oakland, CA was a CK3 (Cook Petty Office Third Class) and StM3 (Steward’s Mate 2nd Class Petty Officer) on the SC-1321 (Subchaser).

    Your second listing is: Rudolph Hilton “Rudy” Fletcher (Jan. 5, 1926-Sep. 15, 1986) buried near Richmond, VA was an S1 (Seaman First Class) but is listed in the US census as “White”.

    Rudolph Fletcher Jr. (?) was an F1 (Fireman First Class) Serving on the Submarine Bluegill (SS-242).

    I suspect the man in the photo is the Rudolph V. Fletcher Sr. but cannot prove it – there are two Rudolph Fletcher’s in the 1940 US Census with his birth date, one from Lincoln county, Oklahoma and the other from Cook county, Illinois, both listed as “Black”.


  3. Here’s another white sailor with the name Rudolf Fletcher. I know ‘cus it’s me.
    It was taken in Toulon France about 1958-9.


    1. Mrs Marvel says:

      Welcome and thank you for your photo Mr Fletcher!!


  4. anyjazz says:

    I hope a descendant turns up.


  5. Stephen fletcher says:

    I had an uncle named Rudolph Fletcher that was drafted into the military that my family never talks about. I never knew him and heard very little about him. He was from a small town by the name of Atkins,Ar. He graduated high school there and was attending Arkansas Tech University when drafted.


    1. Mrs Marvel says:

      Hello and welcome! Do you think this could be a relative of yours? Speaking of the relative no one knows, I have a great aunt who no one talks about either. She smoked and drank, which in her time was scandalous! :-)


  6. Byresha Byars says:

    this is my great-grandfather!!! omg!!! I’m looking at this picture with tears in my eyes. He was known to his friends as “big Rudy” because he had a son who was a J.R. He was married to my beautiful great-grandmother Pecolia Fletcher. They lived in oakland, CA and two children together. The oldest was my great-uncle Rudy JR and then there was my gransmother Stephanie Marie Fletcher.


    1. Mrs Marvel says:

      Welcome Byresha, I’m so glad you found this photo! Can you tell us more about Rudy? What a treasure.


  7. Kelvin Jenkins says:

    This is my Grandmother


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