Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

Girl under a tree

Girl under a tree

I have posted in the past photographs that were obviously hand tinted – a black & white photo that was painstakingly painted to look colored. Hand tinting was an art form in and of itself, and was very popular in Asia, Japan in particular. The photo above originally looked like a hand tinted image. Now looking at the enlarged and scanned image, it looks as though it might be a very faded color photo. What do you think? Take a look at some other hand tinted photos here, and compare them to this one. I’m curious what others think.

5 thoughts on “Hand tinted or not?

  1. anyjazz says:

    I think it is a color photograph. Too much clear blue sky through the detail of the dark branches for a tint job.


  2. From what I’m looking at it’s definitely hand tinted. There’s no dot pattern to show it was once a color print. All too smeary.


  3. zimnoch says:

    Interesting.I would have thought it ‘natural’colour…if only because there is so much background detail (why bother?) But I may be wrong:)


  4. Someone might have been experimenting .I notice that it is not a true black and white photo either..too many shades of almost color..if that makes sense:)


  5. Mrs Marvel says:

    It’s a tricky one, for sure!


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