Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

Rudd 5

Grandma McGuire

This cabinet card has been trimmed to the photo size and on the back was written:

Grandma McGuire

Ruth Ann

Floyd Rudd

There was no photographer’s information but I assume it was taken in Arizona where the majority of the other Rudd family photographs were made. Ruth Ann is dressed in a rather plain dress, probably black. The sleeves are suggestive of the 1890s and the skirt appears to be plain and modestly sized. Ruth Ann also has her hair parted in the middle, which is an older convention, but probably what she liked and grew up with. The chair is interesting. It reminds me of those school desks with the writing table. It appears to have been big enough to seat a very large man, a small woman quite comfortably, or probably a pair of children or more. The arms with their wide ledges would have been perfect for seating smaller children around an adult family member.

2 thoughts on “Ruth Ann McGuire

  1. A beautiful portrait with real character. The chair is unusual for a photo studio and looks like Stickley Arts & Craft style and not the Spanish Mission style that one might expect from the Southwest. The rug has an interesting design too.


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