Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past


Spot #29 and the final image in the Leather CdV Album is a tintype in its paper sleeve, showing a young man in a fine suit of clothes and nice boots. Although the back of the paper sleeve just has a piece of tissue holding the tintype in place and no photographer information, I’m thinking this is an 1870s or even 1880s image, based on the backdrop used. It looks like the walls in a fine drawing room.

I hope you have enjoyed all the images. Our good friend Iggy (aka Intense Guy) has found some traces of the family this could have been from, but no firm decendents yet. Perhaps one day it shall happen. Until then, if you would like to see all the images in the album, click on the category Leather CdV Album.

One thought on “Boots

  1. The wall has no baseboard and the design has no depth, so it’s a studio painted backdrop. I often wonder how many background choices a photographer might have for his patrons. I’ve been trying to date one cdv by finding the same tassel and curtain in several other photos by the same photographer. It’s curious how common some studio props were across the country.

    I like the young man’s soft leather boots, are they riding boots?


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