Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

Hello? Hello?

I love this little snapshot of a little boy calling on his play phone. When the photo was cropped some of the writing on the back was removed. However I am able to make out “….phoning to his grandma and grandpa! Say hello to him!” What with the way children love to talk and of course emulate whatever their parents are doing, having a play phone is a great way for them to develop language skills.

Also written on the back was: Identification: Rose & Fred Wilson, Belden Resort, Belden Calif.” The Belden Resort is still in existence in northern California on the Feather River, 28 miles east of Quincy. It is situated east of Chico, which is about 50 miles east of Sacramento, our state capitol. The river runs through mountain passes and it looks like great fishing.

This is a proud Sepia Saturday post, where the theme is generally kids at play, football or soccer, round glasses and winter coats over short pants. Click on over, you will be happy you did!


10 thoughts on “At play

  1. Little Nell says:

    A very endearing image of this little chap phoning his grandparents. It’s not one we see very often in old photographs, though you will probably tell me otherwise. My grandchildren use Skype to talk to me and, although they had playphones just like this one, they would be viewed with some curiosity. As a toddler my grandson’s favourite word was iPhone!


  2. Soon our grandchildren will ask what that wire is doing in this picture!
    Anyway, also this kid will have been a grandma’s darling.


  3. Karen S. says:

    Who is more important in their lives besides mommy and daddy? Well the grandparents of course! What an adorable photo, of such a little darling!


  4. smkelly8 says:

    I see such joy in his face.


  5. Bob Scotney says:

    We had toy telphones for our children before we had a telephone ourselves. Lovely photo.


  6. Mik says:

    A charming moment, dated by the old style telephone. Just recently I was thinking that the desk phone icon which is used as a symbol for phone numbers, makes no sense to children and many adults too. Rotary dials? What are those?


  7. Jo says:

    Oh how sweet he is. He seems to be wearing the old equivalent of a “onesie” but it looks better on him than anyone nowadays :-) Jo


  8. And the clown suit is perfect. Reminds me of one I had one Halloween when I was around 4.

    Fun phone. I always wanted one of those.


  9. TICKLEBEAR says:

    Somehow, I fancy the kid speaking to Lily Tomlin’s character, Ernestine…
    That’d be an interesting conversation!!


  10. postcardy says:

    Such a cute picture. The headgear makes me think he is wearing a costume, but maybe that was an everyday style.


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