Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past


This great photo features a woman holding her violin and bow, sitting in a nice chair outdoors. I suspect the photo was done outdoors because of lighting. Early home cameras did not have fast enough shutters to capture all the light necessary for a good indoor shot, and didn’t have flash attachments to enhance the lighting. And so, we have many outdoor photos from the early 20th century.

Does anyone know what chord she is holding?

3 thoughts on “Fiddler

  1. mousleyka says:

    It’s not a Honda Ac cord she’s holding. :)


  2. Joe Townsend says:

    Right, very clearly an outdoor shot, unless there was elaborate staging of lawn, shrubs and backdrop. Strong shadows. Nice photo of a fun summer day, with entertainment. Looks like the photo was carried for some years, based on the wear and a missing corner,


  3. Neat photo. I like her smile. Judging by hair and dress – 1930s? Violins always look alike and are of no use to date photos.


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