Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

From 1959 we have an unidentified nursing school graduation. I learned that the nursing caps that were worn from the mid 19th century until about the 1970s were used to indicate the station, specialty and type of nurse who was wearing them. They were originally designed to differentiate the nurses from other female volunteers at hospitals.

2 thoughts on “Nursing school graduation

  1. Winston says:

    As far a I can tell, Nurses don’t care one fig about their caps anymore. I miss their all white starched uniforms. Uniforms don’t receive the care or attention they once did, either. It is all about comfort, now.


  2. My mom was a registered nurse and she told me how proud all the young women were at graduation to be able to have the black stripe on the cap – which meant they were now Registered Nurses! I miss the uniforms but those starched whites were a pain to keep fresh!


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