Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

Today let’s take a look at people and their cars, shall we? There is a love affair between people and cars, starting in the early 20th century when cars became widely available for a moderate price. Posing in front of the car was so common that there is even a website or two dedicated to it.

First we have a family. “Uncle Bob, Rich, Muriel, Sue, Don and baby” is written on the front, but I can add and there are seven people pictured but only six noted. Wonder who is missing?

I can’t quite decide if this is a clown/mime or what, posed on the hood of his car. The photo is fairly poor in quality but I think I can just see a pointed cap on this fellow’s head. That with the two dark spots and rather large and floppy neck tie lead me to think clown. Interesting that you can see the hand crank of the car right above the bumper. Can you imagine starting your Mercedes C class that way?

I know this is “Chas in his new outfit & the car he uses to commute. It’s a maroon color Packard Six.” This was the note written on the back of the photo. I can’t identify the year exactly but the model was available from 1938-1947. The six refers to the number of cylinders in the engine.

Here we have a man in front of his car, with a large number of similar cars lined up in the background. The photo was dated on the back, March 16, 1930.

This photo seems a little later, maybe late 1940s or early 1950s? I don’t know much about cars except to identify one that is old. :-)

This is an undated photo of a gent in front of his car. Maybe 1930s?

Five women outside a car and two men inside. Could this touring car have carried seven adults? Probably considering how much smaller people were in “the old days.” I’d guess at the late 20s or 30s on this photo based on the women’s clothing.

This is a proud Sepia Saturday post, where the theme is generally transportation. Please click through and see what other forms of vintage transportation have been presented from around the world!

11 thoughts on “People and their Cars

  1. Christine H. says:

    That’s a fine collection of people and cars – all of them interesting. The clown photo, blurry or not, is a real gem. It’s especially interesting to see all of these photos together.


  2. gluepot says:

    People were very proud of their cars … and they cost a lot of money back then too, so it’s not surprising. A nice collection of images, thank you.


  3. Bob Scotney says:

    Running boards were always useful if only for posing on. So many cars look alike these days, the character has been designed out of them.


  4. postcardy says:

    Photos of people and their cars would make an interesting subject for a book. I wonder if there is already a booik like that.


  5. Nancy says:

    It’s just amazing how many people/car photos there are. Why are we so proud of them? Nice question for a shrink!
    Nancy Javier
    Ladies of the grove


  6. I think people were very proud of their cars back in the day when autos were the newest thing- and even today we grab a kid or the spouse and pose them in front of the new vehicle. I wish that clown photo would zoom in better, I’d love to know if he really was a clown!


  7. IntenseGuy says:

    Cool pictures!! I’ve one of my Grandmother standing in a parking lot full of older cars with not a hint of where she is at!

    The newer black sedan looks like my mom’s first Oldsmobile. It was a “Tank”. This car looks to me to date to around 1951-2 ish.


  8. Little Nell says:

    That black sedan is so shiny! No wonder people were proud of their cars; they probably worked very hard to get them and maintain them. This is a very interesting selection (especially that clown!)


  9. Liz Stratton says:

    Love all these photos of cars and people. Car photos by themselves are interesting to look at but with the people, they are real gems! Interesting that we both managed to make a clown reference when the theme was transportation!


  10. My family has thousands of these. Snaps, slides, Polaroids, and now digital images – all recording family trips and holidays. I think it may be THE most common genre of photo.


  11. Love the old photos with cars..my Dad can still identify most of those old cars..he said it was an exciting time when new models were up for sale:)


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