Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past


This CdV can be comfortably dated to the mid to late 1860s based on the square corners and border lines. Written on the back is “Spanish Dagger From San Antonio Texas.” The Spanish dagger plant is also known as the yucca gloriosa which is native to the American coastal southeast, growing in sand dunes. San Antonio is about 150 miles from Corpus Christi on the Texas Gulf Coast. According to the USDA, the yucca gloriosa is not known to grow in Texas.  Hrm. I found other images online that are similar to this Spanish Dagger in bloom to confirm what the original owner of the photo wrote.

4 thoughts on “Spanish Dagger

  1. Hey there, I live in the Antelope Valley, Ca which is desert, Yucca’s grow here and look like the one in the photo.


  2. Heres a page on the Yucca’s out here, scroll to the bottom for description and photo, name is a little different



    1. Mrs Marvel says:

      Thank you for the link! The yucca gloriosa is different from the yucca she pictured, but of the same type of plant. They are all lovely when blooming!


  3. A very pretty plant, the photographer must have been impressed with it:)


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