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Lost and forgotten photos from the past

This photo appears to have been cut out of a cabinet card, which made me wonder if this is Julia E, daughter of Vincent and Ellen Joy? There is no photographer information. But, looking back at what Iggy found about the family, Julia E was born most likely in 1868 and the cabinet card hadn’t yet come into it’s time. This child is around 1 1/2 to 2 years of age, so maybe it could be Julia E, maybe not. There was also some weirdness that took place between Vincent Joy and his older sister Malinda’s step children.

It appears that Malinda Joy married Charles Chappelear and had 6 children. Charles passed away from illness shortly after serving in the US Army in the Civil War. Somehow after this, Malinda, Vincent and a man named Martin Wachtel became acquainted. Martin was a widower with a young daughter, Elizabeth Ellen. So Vincent and Ellen became acquainted and married in 1865. In 1867 Martin and Malinda married. Later on in 1868, Vincent became the guardian of the Chappelear children for some reason. It is possible this little girl is part of that family somehow. Very confusing!

4 thoughts on “Pretty toddler girl

  1. IntenseGuy says:

    That little girl sure is pretty!

    Martin Wachtel was E. Ellen Joy’s father. He re-married Malinda Joy (who is also remarrying and has a half dozen children already). Ellen married Malinda Joy’s younger brother Vincent Joy who for some reason took guardianship of his sister’s Chappelear children who are:

    Absalom Joy b: 1853
    Sarah Ann b: 27 SEP 1854
    Wellington b: 4 MAR 1860
    Ida b: 4 JAN 1862

    There is quite a discussion on the Ancestry.com “boards” about Martin Wachtel (E. Ellen Joy’s father). You might find a living Wachtel offspring that can help unscramble this album there. :)

    MARTIN WACHTEL, b. 02-17-1816 in Germany – d. 08-08-1892 in Savannah, Missouri.

    He married a Mary King in Indiana. The children of this union were:

    Sarah, b. 12-05-1841 in Indiana
    Elizabeth Ellen, b.10-28-1843, in Indiana <— this is Ellen Joy—-
    Wingate King, b. 08-01-1845, in Missouri
    Henry & William (twins), b. 10-19-1847, in Missouri
    Charlotte, b. 10-28-1849, in Missouri
    Benjamin, b. 03-29-1851, in Missouri
    Susannah, b. 05-17-1853, in Missouri
    John M., b. 08-19-1855, in Missouri
    James H., b. 07-04-1857, in Missouri
    Mary Ann, b. 06-07-1859, in Missouri
    Franz, b. 10-26-1861, in Missouri

    Mary King Wachtel died 07-16-1867 at the age of 46 yrs and 4 days at the farm northwest of Savannah, MO.

    Martin Wachtel married Melinda Joy Chappelear in the autumn of 1867. The children of Martin & Melinda were:

    Thomas Edward ,b.06-14-1868
    Milton Clark, b. 02-12-1870

    Melinda Joy Wachtel died 05-06-1879 of rheumatism at the age of 50 yrs, 12 days.

    Martin was married a third time to America Smith Kennedy in December of 1879. They had no children together – she had married children, John Kennedy & Mollie Kennedy Cox at the time of their remarriage.

    Every source I've found so far claims Julia E. Joy was born in 1858 (but I am still skeptical of the date).


  2. IntenseGuy says:

    One further thought. Since Julia was born in Ohio at an odd date, perhaps she was Vincent’s daughter and not Ellen’s. Given Vincent “adopted” his sister’s children – Julia might have been adopted also, or been an “indiscretion” of his (and not hers), possibly covered-up by the adoption?

    I’m not being judgmental – just trying to make sense out of this –


  3. Tattered and Lost says:

    I do so love the “children stuck on chairs” category. This is a dandy because there is the attempt by the photographer to make it all look so casual.


  4. I have a category called “children on chairs”! She is a doll..so very pretty. What a mystery you have going on with this family! :)


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