Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

Do you think these two could be the young children from yesterday’s photo? They are Marvin and Marylyn Talbot and they are adorable. I just love Marylyn’s pinchable cheeks and bob haircut. Marvin is sporting overalls of some type and a wide collared shirt. The photo is damaged a bit but is in good shape all the same. After so many serious poses from the Victorian era, it is nice to see some smiling children from the 20th century. Thank goodness technology caught up with the quick smiles and laughing eyes of youth!

3 thoughts on “Cute brother and sister

  1. IntenseGuy says:

    I can see these being the same children as those in the previous photograph. The boy appears to be a year or two older than his sister in both. The girl has the same square-ish head as the mother. The boy’s nose looks alot like the father’s.

    If we only knew where this photograph was taken!!


  2. Mrs Marvel says:

    I agree with you Iggy. These are probably the kids from the family photo. Which then leads to…who are the parents? Talbot. We shall have to dig, dig, dig.


  3. It could be the same children as yesterday..or cousins:)


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