Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

This photograph from the Green Fan Album features a mother, father and two small children. I think the children are boys. The setting is very natural, as if it were inside their living room. There is a mark on the photo next to the father’s mouth which makes it look as though he is frowning, when in fact it’s just a mark. The mother is quite lovely. The photo dates from around the 1920s by my guess, based on the blouse the mother is wearing. The photo itself is a slightly heavier paper than modern photos and has a lovely matte finish.

3 thoughts on “Mother, Father and two children

  1. beautiful family. andmore warm and personal for that time period, so many look so stiff, any writing in the green fan album anywhere?


  2. IntenseGuy says:

    I like how the parents sort of lean inwards to the center and frame their children – the father might have the same nose as the fellow you presented in your previous entry.


  3. aubrey says:

    Early 1920’s, I think. I’m enjoying the fact that the man is now uncomfortable, with his stiff collar, while the lady is now wearing a loose and light blouse…and much more forgiving lacing underneath!


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