Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

The couple in this photo seem so very proper to me. The woman has a scarf of some kind covering her hair and I’d guess she is holding a Bible or prayer book in her lap. The man looks like a sea captain or former military man to me, with the long double breasted coat and whiskers. The photo is very damaged, the original being about 8×10.

The thing that is so odd about this photo is the back of it:

Although time and wear have damaged the image, this was definitely a photograph mounted on the cardstock. Do you think this might be our proper sea captain in his younger days?

3 thoughts on “Incredibly proper

  1. IntenseGuy says:

    That is most odd. It’s sort of like when they find a painting “underneath” another painting.

    I can’t imagine the second picture being anything but a theater (or Hollywood movie still) shot – of something like “Helen of Troy” – But it looks like it was covered over by cardstock?


  2. What an interesting combo! I just got an album with some cabinet cards and they appear to be performers also, thats what I thought the second one is also, actor photo?


  3. Interesting to say the least..was the photographer recycling card stock to save on costs…maybe.
    I really like the ladies hat /scarf..I would wear one like it! I wonder why her foot is on a pillow? Perhaps he just proposed on bended knee. AND what is that scarf between her and the fellow.. or is it a fabric do dad on her dress:)


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