Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

I don’t know whether to say this lady is plain or what. She has a nice face, smooth skin, normal features, except her upper lip seems to not be very prominent, suggesting she hasn’t got any teeth, but what a terrible assumption to make. So, I am going to postulate she has a terrible underbite instead.

If the photographers were not different, I’d suggest this is the same chair used in our previous photograph, but this photo was made by Townsend in Iowa City, IA. There is a blanket with a floral pattern and edged in Greek key and fringe flopped over the chair. It almost distracts from the lovely bustle dress. I picture this in bottle green wool with black velvet trimming. She has a necklace and earrings on, and if she was good with her needlework, she probably made her collar.

4 thoughts on “Greek key

  1. IntenseGuy says:

    Well, I can see what you mean about the “missing teeth”. And if we are going to be “outrageous.” I’d say she looks a little cross-eyed too.

    You might find this write up on Mr. Townsend interesting:


    He was the one that took the picture you posted on “3/4 profile” –


    1. Mrs Marvel says:

      Just picturing this austere man doing the crazy contortions described to hold the baby’s attention is hilarious! Thanks for the link – it really is interesting.


  2. I bet her dress was stunning! She does appear to have a flatter upper lip..poor thing..Dentists only pulled teeth back then:)


  3. Or is she biting her lip to keep from laughing….


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