Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

I wasn’t joking when I suggested we are looking at serious cuteness. The dress this boy is wearing is incredible.  It has a pleated velvet skirt, velvet vest type bodice with a lace front and a large satin sash tied in a bow at the waist, then a velvet jacket on top of it all. Notice that the dress not only has a velvet collar, but a tiny white collar on top of that, which mimics the use of a detachable collar to protect the garment from the oils and dirt our skin can leave behind. He has black stockings and black shoes. I don’t know what type of needle work is on the skirt and jacket, but if it is hand done it is exquisite work. If I had a boy this would be the type of recreation I would have wanted him to wear at historical events, beyond a doubt.

The photographer was Walter in Manchester, IA. I am guessing the 1890s for this photo.

2 thoughts on “Ooh, I just love your dress!

  1. Auntie Kat says:

    Without having an extreme close up or looking at the original photo I’m guessing all the handwork is embroidery with satin stitch and stem stitch, or possibly a chain stitch. Since you can see it so well I’m guessing the outfit is black or very dark brown. If it were me, I would use a lighter shade of floss or fiber of the same color as the outfit for the look you see here. I did notice that the embroidery is also on the velvet collar. The velvet collar is held together with maybe a silver pin. It could be gold to hard to tell. The way he is standing with a hand in front gives him a worldly look.

    The reason I suggest very dark brown is that the outfit blends so well with the back of the chair which in my imagination is very dark brown velvet. It wouldn’t show the wear as fast as a lighter color with the hard use at a photography studio.

    This boy is just stunning in his outfit.


  2. Oh this is lovely..I see it as a ladies dress that either became too small or was damaged…it was salvaged and made into this dress for this little boy. Whatever..it is the fanciest dress I have ever seen on a child in a Cabinet Card! :)


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