Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

These two photos are very small. Including the card stock, they are just 1.5×1.5. They are part of the Benedicta Trunk album, and were both tucked into an opening the size of a CdV. The photo on the left is of a boy and his dog, taken at Busy Bee Photo. The photo on the right is a curly headed girl, and was taken by Sonenberg at 223 Fifth Ave, Pittsburg, PA.

4 thoughts on “Tiny photos

  1. IntenseGuy says:

    I love that shot of the boy with his dog. The dog looks about as happy and content as a much loved dog could be…

    Also interesting is the hat the boy is wearing – I can’t quite make out what it all says but it appears to say “… High Grade Stogies, Barnesville, Ohio”.
    Barnesville was home to the reknown Barnesville Cigar Company.

    I am assuming they sponsored this young man’s little league team or something. :)


    1. mrsmarvel says:

      Good eye! It does say that, thought I also cannot make out the first line.


  2. IntenseGuy says:

    In 1897 Henry Sonnenberg is listed at 223 Fifth Ave and in 1907 Henry
    Sonnenberg is at 52 Federal and 223 Fifth Avenues.

    The spelling of Pittsburg(h) is also telling. Pittsburgh, named by General John Forbes in honor of Sir William Pitt, has officially ended in an ‘h’ since its founding in 1758 with the exception of the time period from 1890-1911.

    In 1890, President Benjamin Harrison formed a committee to “normalize” the spelling of towns formulated the following rules – things we see today –

    a) The avoidance, so far as seems practicable, of the possessive form of names.
    (b) The dropping of the final “h” in the termination “burgh.”
    (c) The abbreviation of “borough” to “boro.”
    (d) The spelling of the word “center” as here given.
    (e) The discontinuance of the use of hyphens in connecting parts of names.
    (f) The omission wherever practicable of the letters “C.H.” (Court House) after the names of county seats.
    (g) The simplification of names consisting of more than one word by their combination into one word.
    (h) The avoidance of the use of diacritic characters.
    (i) The dropping of the words “city” and “town” as parts of names.



  3. I like the one of the boy and the dog too..photo with animals in them are hard to come by. I wonder what the purpose was for having photos this small..:)


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