Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

Here we have the lovely Gertrude Messenger Trunk who was married on October 8, 1914. That date was the anniversary of John & Mary Trunk. It’s a somewhat whimsical yet pensive pose, and I wonder if this is her wedding photo. We have learned that Gertrude was married to Edward L. Trunk where previously I thought she was a sister of Benedicta.

In an exciting twist, I have come into contact with Thea, who posted on the photo of Edward Trunk, and she is the grand niece of Edward L, Benedicta, Ruth and the others. I’m hoping to learn more about the family from Thea, and am crossing my fingers that she might want to claim the photo album. I just love the idea of someone cherishing it!

UPDATE: Thea and I had a great phone conversation today, and she gave me some more information. First, Gertrude was a Meisinger, not a Messenger. Second, the date indicated in the album was not the anniversary of John & Mary Trunk. Third, Mary Trunk was really Marie! And you may have seen Thea’s comment that this may not even be a photo of Gertrude at all, lol. She thinks it might be Marie Trunk, who was married to John Trunk. Thea has told me that she would like to have the album and I am so delighted. A family reunion!!! Since I’ve been blogging and looking at this family for so long, I feel like I am sending them home.

This is a proud Sepia Saturday post! Visit Sepia Saturday and take a look at beautiful sepia images from around the world.

14 thoughts on “Gertrude Messenger Trunk

  1. Christine says:

    Oh, I have a Gertrude this week too. Both of our Gertrudes are lovely.
    I hope Thea is excited about these pictures and does indeed claim the album. Very generous of you to pass it on.


  2. Isn’t she lovely..with the gloves and hat..it must have been a special day! :)


  3. Karen S. says:

    Oh I like her name, Trunk…amazing…and what a lovely dress if it is her wedding dress I can see that…but the pose is priceless you are right…she is certainly happy or extremely excited about something!


  4. cad says:

    Very elegant lady there!


  5. Tattered and Lost says:

    Oh they got to wear such fabulous hats back then. And when I first read the title including the word “trunk” my mind ran all over the place. Perhaps her photo was found in a trunk? Perhaps she was from a show-biz family and was “born” in a trunk? Then to find out her name was Trunk I began wondering where it came from. Did the ancestor’s make trunks and so were given the name? Had a pet elephant? I don’t believe I’ve ever before seen the name Trunk.


  6. IntenseGuy says:

    John E. Trunk (b. June 1848) immigrated to the USA in 1869 from Germany (according to the 1910 US census) He married Mary (b. Nov 1856 in Pennsylvania to parents that immigrated from Germany).

    “Trunk” in german means “Drink” or “Draft”. Perhaps they originally made or served beer?

    There is a website http://www.trunkfamily.com/ that goes into great detail about a branch of the Trunk family that came to Baltimore, MD from Untererthal, Hammelburg, Germany – about 80 miles west of Frankfort am Main. I’ve no reason to believe this family is related though.


  7. Nana Jo says:

    She looks lovely sitting there; slightly pensive, graceful, poised on the brink.


  8. Thea says:

    This is not Gertude, I believe that is Marie my Grandmother. Gertude was fare skin and blonde to light brown hair. Marie was married to Ed Trunks brother John.


  9. Thea says:

    Yes My Great Grandparents did immigrate from Germany it is the same family…answer to the intense guy. We still have relatives that live in Hammelburg. My Garndfather spent time researching the family and even went to Germany to connect with them. They in turned visited us in the US in the 70’s.


  10. IntenseGuy says:

    Having done a bit of research into the Trunk family – I too feel like I “know them.” And having read a couple obituaries, for instance Benedicta’s husband and Thea’s father, excerpt below, I would have been much honored to know them in person.

    “Bill” Worrell – “Born June 11, 1921, in Hazlehurst, he was the son of Mr. and Mrs. John Worrell. Mr. Worrell served his country during World War II as an Army Ranger of the 315th Infantry Regiment of the 79th Army Division from 1943 to 1945. He was in the European theatre and fought in the invasion of Normandy, (D-Day). He was awarded two Bronze Stars and two Purple Hearts and the Cross of Lorraine which was awarded by France to the 79th Army Division for fighting through France during World War II.

    Mr. Worrell taught seventh- and eighth-grade earth science at Redbank Valley High School in New Bethlehem for more than 30 years, retiring in 1985. ”

    John E. (Junie) Trunk Jr., killed in an unfortunate accident was an avid airman – “He joined the Canadian Air Force in World War II and later transferred to the United States Air Force.”

    Robert Kenneth Kaufman, husband of Patricia Delores Trunk a long time caregiver at the Clarion Hospital, was an equally devout patriot. He served for many years as a Submarine Commander and “stood on the quarterdeck of MISSOURI for the Japanese surrender.” (http://www.usna.com/NC/History/ClassOf1940/K.htm)

    This family made a valuable and unique contribution to America.


    1. mrsmarvel says:

      Thea clarified for me that there are actually two Benedictas. One is her grandfather’s sister, the other is her mother! Benedicta the older was friends with Marie, and when Marie & John had a daughter they named her Benedicta.


  11. Alan Burnett says:

    Your excitement for detection is infectious. And what better way to open than with an image like that – it captures the attention immediately.


  12. TICKLEBEAR says:

    a proud sepia saturday post indeed!
    you may soon be getting answers to a few enigmas!!


  13. Greg Worrell says:

    This is definately a picture of my grandmother Marie Stauver Trunk. Married to John E. Trunk Sr.


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