Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

We looked at this day in the life of the Trunk family a while back, and in the previous photo everyone seemed very happy, while in this image Ruth in the front seems sleepy or out of sorts, Benedicta in the second row to the right looks resigned and the sister to the left looks put out. The sister directly behind her almost looks to be pouting. I posted this photo because Iggy found  a connection between Edward L. Trunk and the railroad industry in yesterday’s comments. This photo appears to be in front of a railroad station, with the “R.R.” on the sign to the left.I think the man in this photo might be Edward.

This photo is not in good condition. It has been torn out of an album resulting in a hole above the “R.R.” sign, and the corners are tattered. There’s also a pretty good fingerprint in the image below the “R.R.” sign. It was considerably faded and I doctored it a bit so you could view it with ease.

2 thoughts on “Out of sorts

  1. IntenseGuy says:

    I found another picture of the Clarion Railroad station –

    http://www.west2k.com/papix/clarionpsandc.jpg I think if you pull the porch roofing down you will see the sawed off post that this picture has.

    The rail road was originally the Pittsburgh, Summerville & Clarion (began operation in 1904) and later was called the Lake Erie, Franklin, and Clarion Railroad. The track has been abandoned for years (1992-ish).

    I love those stylish hats – and Bendicta was a very beautiful young woman.


  2. mrsmarvel says:

    I wonder which photo is earlier. They do look similar.


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