Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

This very handsome man is Edward L. Trunk in 1913. The second image is the back side of the photo, and reads “When a fellow’s ??? M-something 1913.” I am very curious what it says and I just can’t make anything fit that phrase. The photo is lightweight and perhaps was cut out of a larger sheet of photos. It was taped into the photo album which unfortunately went across the top of his head. Although the photo is clearly of a professional sitting, the paper is not glossy. I’m thinking graduation photo.

7 thoughts on “When a fellow’s….?

  1. IntenseGuy says:

    Hmm… I don’t know what the expression says either, perhaps it was a popular song or a line from a movie “back in the day”.

    I found an Edward L Trunk living in Clarion, Pennsylvania (b. abt 1892) married to Gertrude M. He had a 4 children at that time (1920 US census).

    If this is him, he would have been 21-22 at the time of this picture and around the time he was thinking about getting married. His oldest child was born around 1916.


    1. mrsmarvel says:

      I found a note that Gertrude was a Messenger.


  2. mrsmarvel says:

    Iggy, another person in this album is Gertrude Trunk, so I’m guessing this is the correct Edward Trunk. The family was in an around Youngsville OH and the western PA area. Sounds like it fits.


    1. Thea says:

      This is my Great Uncle they lived in Clarion, Pa. had extended family that lived in Youngstown Ohio. He had six children my Grandfather was his brother who also lived in Clarion and had six children. Edward had I believe a total of 8 siblings.


  3. IntenseGuy says:

    Oh cool! I found a website for the Clarion historic society and museum (http://clarioncounty.info) that lists amongst its possessions, a “[p]hotograph, “Lake Erie, Franklin & Clarion Rail Road Station, Ninth Ave., Clarion, PA, 1940 — Roy W. Himes, … Eloise Trunk … and Howard Johnson; the engine number appears to be 38.”

    Eloise was Edward’s daughter.

    Apparently Edward was active in the “Catholic Knights of St. George” which held meetings at the Immaculate Conception Church of Clarion, PA as I found a reference saying “[d]uring World War II the Catholic Knights of St. George was kept active by Secretary Treasurer Edward Trunk.”

    According to SSDI, Edward was born 28-Jul-1891 and died in Sep 1980.


    1. mrsmarvel says:

      I will post a photo tomorrow that has a train station in the background. Wonder if it was his home station.


  4. MAYBELLINE says:

    THAT is a fabulous portrait.


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