Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

I’m working on posting the remaining photographs from the C. Murray Album, and this is another of the unidentified families within the album. I also think I have figured out another possible family member who brought the album from Kansas to California, and a more likely owner of the album than I originally thought. When I close out the album, it will be with a post recapping the family and what I know of them.

This cabinet card is most likely from the 1890s as the scalloped edges were most popular during that decade. The family consists of a mother, father, and two daughters. I believe this because of the parted hair on the baby. After the turn of the century, this convention was not followed as much, but up to 1900 it was still very common to part the hair of a girl in the center and the hair of a boy on the side.

The photographers are Zellner & Pennel of Wakefield, KS. They were also located in Junction City at one point, with that location being referenced in the Eighth Biennial Report of the Board of Directors of the Kansas State Historical Society, covering the years 1890-1892.

UPDATE: After studying this photograph for several days, I believe this is the same couple we have seen in the previous photo.

2 thoughts on “Pretty children

  1. Those little girls are so cute..the camera loves that oldest little girl. It will be interesting to hear about the recap of this album when you get to the end of the photos. I have one that has 29 photos and another with 43..I am saving them for winter:)


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