Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

This cabinet card from the C. Murray Album features a couple that look to be middle aged, and I’m dating this photograph in the later 1890s or early 1900s. Kalin was known to be in business between 1890 and 1913, and was the photographer of choice for several of the album inhabitants. Although it is not on this cabinet card, Kalin was known for the “first stairs west of post office” notation on his cabinet cards. Kalin also at one point allowed his studio to be photographed, around 1913.

Secondly, the bodice the woman is wearing reminds me of one I’ve seen in a Belle Epoch reproduction pattern from the incredible TrulyVictorian.com. The incredibly wide sleeves and lapels served to add volume to the shoulders and emphasize small waists. I’ve seen a lovely blouse & jacket combination similar to this one, done in powder blue with white appliqued trim, so in my mind the lady’s clothing in this photo is in that color scheme.

Note, this photograph is an older version of the couple in our last photo from the album!

2 thoughts on “Turn of the century?

  1. They did get older..sometimes I wonder about the couples in these photos, were they happy together..their joys and sorrows are sometimes etched on their faces. I loved your description of her clothing..I too can see the power blue:)


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