Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

This is a CdV dating from the 1870s. I’m basing this speculation on the draperies of the woman’s skirt. You can see the draped apron flowing behind her and into a smallish bustle. Her bodice is fairly long and the poor woman has no bosom whatsoever. It’s strange how the fading of the photo affected the woman’s side, but not the man’s side. I wonder if it was stored poorly, or exposed to sunlight, or even mangled during the gluing process which affixed it to the card.

One thought on “Fading but still loving

  1. I am glad I looked at it closer, I thought she looked old..when in fact she is a young gal. She is very flat on top..to the point of looking gaunt and sickly.
    So is this a “lesser bustle” ? :)


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