Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

Today we have an 1870s vintage CdV of an older woman. She has an interesting hair style that I haven’t seen before in old photos. The hair is short in front, parted in the center, but allowed to hang to the sides rather than being drawn toward the back. It is possible this lady had her hair cut for some reason and it truly is short, though what she has in the back is not visible to us. Could be short, could be in a small bun.

She has round hoop earrings and a pretty lace jabot on the front of her dress. Did you know that the word jabot is French? It means that wrinkly fold of skin under a turkey’s neck. Nice. Thank you, Paris fashion designers for always making women feel feminine!

I think she looks weary, with worry lines on her brow. What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Was she weary?

  1. I agree, her eyes look tired also. Interesting about the origin of the word jabot..recently I bought some CdV’s where they are prominent..I am not sure I could or would wear one..I don’t like anything around my neck..even if it does kinda sag like an old turkeys:)


  2. Her eyes and cheek bones make me think she may be of aboriginal decent. Her skin looks like it has seen a lot of sun. The hair is unusual isn’t it. Did she sell her hair to a wig maker? Was it shorn because of fever or some other medical reason? Is it a cultural hair style. She has a fabulously interesting face!


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