Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

This snapshot is not identified and the wording on the flags and caps is obscured, although one hat says Massachusetts I believe. It makes me think of a military graduation or some other type of ceremony. UPDATE: Consensus from the comments is that this photo is from an American Legion event. Thanks everyone!

We can date this photo after 1947 because of the acronym USAF. The United States Air Force was formed in 1947 and previously had been called the US Army Air Corps or the US Army Air Services. Prior to the Air Force being established as an independent branch of the US military, air operations were …

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You might be sensing a theme here…I found a fantastic stash of photos of our military and general martial type characters recently. Leading up to Memorial Day on May 28th, I thought these would be a great tribute to our American heroes. I have no knowledge of the type of plane shown here or where …

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