Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

Kathy & Karen return for Christmas and show off their nativity scene. The card features line art of a family in the snow, on sleds, traveling toward a snow-covered house, and large pine trees. The card is signed “The Kleins.”

These little Klein girls just don’t seem to age, do they? Here are Kathy & Karen Klein, in front of the fireplace, holding a picture of Santa Claus. They are cozy in their footsie pajamas and laughing at something. The card features a scrolly script that says Merry Christmas, and a photographer dressed as Santa …

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A smiling Santa Claus climbs the chimney in this vintage postal card. His suit is trimmed with white fur, his beard is bushy and his sack is full of toys. The chimney of red brick has snow around it. The card was mailed but the postmark is not clear, so beyond 19xx I can’t tell …

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