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Lost and forgotten photos from the past

This sweet CDV shows a toddler girl named Sarah S. Moody. The back of the card identified her, as well as the date of the photo as April 20, 1886. At that time, she was 11 months and 1 day old. Extrapolating backwards, we can say she was born on May 19, 1885. Unfortunately that’s about where the trail ends. Census records show a lot of of Sarah Moody’s but most of them are married to a Mr Moody, and this person is presumably unmarried. :-)

Young Sarah had her photo made at the Howe studio at 137 East Water Street, in Elmira, NY. I found another record of this studio which identified the photographer further as C. J. Howe, or Charles J. Howe. He was in business from 1888 through at least 1917. He may have taken over a business from Luce at that location in the late 1870s.

UPDATE: the excellent sleuthing of site readers identified this as Laura L Moody. Check the comments for the exact details discovered by Cindy Stuart & Tabitha. Great work!

UPDATE #2: this photo of Laura might be related to this photo of Edwin Moody Jr, who we saw late last year.

4 thoughts on “Sarah S Moody – Updated: Laura L Moody

  1. sallysmom says:

    What a sweet little face.

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  2. Cindy Stuart says:

    Is it possible the name might possibly be Laura L Moody? I found a Laura Lucinda Moody born May 17, 1885 in Elmira; she married Erwin Glenn Lundy 1 Jan 1918 in Mercer, Illinois. The birth date is off by 2 days; I’m wondering if someone might have mis-read 19 as 17??

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    1. Tabitha says:

      I also suspect that. On find a Grave there is a Laura Moody born in 1885 and I have a feeling she might be this child.

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    2. Mrs Marvel says:

      Looking at it now, I see that you are correct and the name is Laura. Good sleuthing!

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