Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past


A soft faced child, perhaps age 3 or 4? sits for her portrait at the Vollert studio in Milwaukee. Note the girl has a headband or ribbon that holds back a fuzzy mass of hair. She quite possibly had very curly hair that was brushed through, leading to the “ball” look. Poor kiddo, curly hair is not for the faint of heart, and there really wasn’t effective product on the market until much recently – like the last 25 years! She is sweet looking though, and holds a small clutch of flowers in one hand. 

William (Wilhelm) P. Vollert was known to be in business between 1876-1886, and again with Paul G. Lecher (Leberg) from 1886 onward. Lecher was found to be in business until 1929, although in what format or under what leadership is unknown. I’d suggest this photo is good for the solo period of 76-86.

One thought on “Fuzzy Haired Child

  1. sallysmom says:

    How cute.

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