Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

In another juxtaposition, today we have 4 matrons after looking at 4 young women¬†last post. Once again, the image is small enough in hand it’s hard to catch the details, but enlarged on a computer screen we can see quite a lot. First off, you can just see the oval shape or shadow where this photo had once been in an album or frame. Next, I believe this to be a post 1900 image based on the blouse styles of the clothing, plus the high neck collars. I don’t see any bustles or large sleeves that would indicate 1880s or 1890s. The large necktie of the lady in the top right was popular in the early 1900s, as was the lace and pleated fronted blouse of the lady at the lower right. That lady is also holding something in her lap, perhaps a handkerchief? Also, I think I can just see an eyeglass frame on the upper right lady. It’s hard to tell, but maybe on either side of the bridge of her nose there could be something there. Both the women to the left of the image are wearing belts, which were popular through the 19th century but with the advent of the separate blouse and skirt in the early 1900s became moreso. Sometimes blouses were made with the belt attached, creating an illusion of a separate belt. The lady in the top left has some embroidery or other embellishment on the neckline of her blouse. While the lady on the lower left looks like she is smirking, I suspect she moved just as the shutter opened and that is why her mouth looks a little funny.

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