Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

This lovely lady is Connie, I think. Based on the postcard back, she sent it to someone she cared for and added three X kisses. Her dress, shoes and hair all say 1920s. Perhaps this was a wedding dress or a graduation photograph.She has a deep V shape lace adornment, a large silk flower on her shoulder, and several necklaces. The skirt of her dress is eyelet with ribbon bands. I wonder what color it was? By the 1920s photographs of colors generally behaved as we expect from modern black & white photos. So this dress was lighter in color – I’m picturing a dusty rose.

I found a bit of information about the postcard manufacturer. TIC, or Thomas Illingworth & Co, were paper manufacturers in Britain, established in 1904. The site I found, Photo Detective, seems confident that 99.9% of postcards with the horseshoe/TIC mark were made in the 1920s. Furthermore, the site author has a large collection of this brand of postcards and has a theory about the little marks between the words Post & Card. Based on his theory, this photo postcard is possibly from 1927. Someone with knowledge of 1920s fashions may be able to reinforce that date.

The TIC brand was based in England. So, Connie was possibly an English lady who mailed her postcard to someone in the US. OR, a US photographer ordered these photo postcard blanks from his English supplier. No way to tell.


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