Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

I originally called this photo album “Summer Vacation” because it shows people doing all sorts of fun things – visiting the beach, riding a train, etc. Closer inspection showed me the names of some local landmarks that will be exciting to trace – the Claremont Inn, Pomona College & Griffith Observatory in particular. It gave us the photo of the destroyed Pearland High School, and I do wonder if the group of girls pictured above includes Verva or Mazel.

Here’s a similar group in the same location as the photo above, although it includes a few different people. There are buildings in the distance but I can’t really tell what exactly they are. Houses? Businesses? The album itself is in rough shape with pages falling out in some places. The person who put it together didn’t identify anyone or write in it, so it’s really impossible to know who is pictured. It’s about 6×9 landscape, with the typical black paper pages. Many of the photos were cut by the person who pasted them down, and I can’t seem to find a rhyme or reason to some of the organization. These two photos – obviously taken on the same day in the same location, are separated by several pages.

This photo shows the young lady in the lighter colored overcoat again, and next to her in the first two photos you will see a gal with a wide white collar. She’s in this picture too and the group of friends has gotten larger. Still no idea where they are!

This final photo from the same day shows a young woman posed next to a statue/fountain. This lady was in the center of the previous photo, and based on her dress, this picture was taken the same day. I suppose it is possible to find the statue and identify the location that way, but I haven’t gotten that far yet.┬áStay tuned as we go on vacation with the Pomona College photo album of school chums.

3 thoughts on “Back to School

  1. Kathy Nunn says:

    I found the fountain at Pomona College. The hall is there too. They haven’t changed much in 100 or so years.



  2. IntenseGuy says:

    Lebus Courtyard statue, Pomona College


  3. Mrs Marvel says:

    These links are going to be helpful with some other photos in the album, yay!!


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