Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

I have been chasing this family for several years now, although I still have not found any living descendants. I made numerous updates to the Streeter Family Overview today, based on new records and connections with others in the genealogy field. I am certainly not a pro by any stretch, but having access to other people on the internet sure opens up doors.

I discovered new marriages and lines for the Charles & Alice Streeter family. This is the family most likely to have owned the original photo album, based on their eventual residence in California.

I reconfirmed that many of these lines died out when no children were born or lived to adulthood.

I found a possible photo of Anna Haney, who was beautiful, and hopefully I’ll get permission to share that photo with you, because oh em gee Edwardian dresses, swoon! I also discovered she died only 4 days after her child was born.

Click over to the Streeter Family Overview for new information and clarification on several items.

One thought on “More Streeter Updates

  1. loobiloo5 says:

    Funny how we can get so involved with photographs that are not our own family, isn’t it? I hate to think of photos and albums not belonging to someone. They are so precious. Well done for keeping going, and I hope you can share the photo of Anna Haney!


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