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Fred Taylor W

Fred Taylor leans on a chair

This CDV shows a man with fine whiskers, a fine coat and bow tie, clean if rumpled suit of clothes, and brogan style shoes, leaning his hand upon the back of a chair. I originally thought this photo was interesting but it didn’t really catch my eye. However, I took note of the weight of the pink paper it is mounted upon. This paper is slightly thicker than gift tissue paper, slightly finer than printer paper. It is quite delicate and I have not seen its like before now. What also caught my eye as I scanned the photo is that the lower edge of the photo was lifting slightly.

What mystery did it reveal, you ask? Take a look for yourself.

The man, revealed

The man, revealed

There in the corner on the back of the photo itself, is the name. Fred Taylor. I can’t tell you more than that, for as you can probably see the photo lacks a backmark or any photographer’s information. It came in the batch from England, but beyond that…. Fred remains a mystery.


4 thoughts on “Fred Taylor

  1. IntenseGuy says:

    Interesting dude. :)


  2. The name revealed has all the elements of a real ghost story!


  3. IntenseGuy says:


    Fred Taylor
    Age in 1911: 55
    Estimated Birth Year: 1856
    County/Island: Yorkshire-West Riding
    Country: England


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