Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

Large buttons, big bow, frilly lace

Large buttons, big bow, frilly lace

I would really love to see the rest of this dress, because it has so many features just in this tiny portrait. We have large decorative buttons that appear to be velvet covered, a large bow at the center of the neckline, and frilly lace standing up under the young lady’s chin. I like to imagine she worked hard on making this dress and that it is a bustle dress with lovely draping on the skirt that mirrors the velvet trimming on the bodice. This is the last in the Saurman & Lovejoy set, but does not carry a backmark. She is unnamed and unknown.

One thought on “Big Buttons

  1. Debra says:

    I too, love the dress & wish we could see more of it. But I would really like to remark upon her facial features. She is quite lovely, isn’t she? She almost looks like she’s wearing make up on her eyes – of the seductive “smokey eyed” style. I know she’s not though – so do you have any thoughts on why she has that dark eyed look?


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