Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

Mounted Tin Types 8 W

Baby with a shawl

Before I gave you all those wonderful Christmas cards, I teased you about a tintype that would make you say “awww.” Well, two months later, I hope you didn’t hold your breath, but here it finally is!

This baby was photographed by T. M. Saurman, as were several previous portraits (to view them click on the category T. M. Saurman under photographers). The child’s hair was carefully parted over the forehead, suggesting to me that this is a girl. The shawl may be for looks, or may be a way to tie the baby to the chair. It also appears there is *something* to her left, like the arm of a parent. The mount features embossed scrolling to frame the image with dramatic and beautiful effect.

Ooh, baby it's a smile world

Taken at T. M. Saurman’s Superior Skylight Gallery

Unfortunately for us, the baby and her supposed parents were not identified.


7 thoughts on “Hello, baby

  1. CatM says:

    Those are some RED lips.


  2. IntenseGuy says:

    The corners of Green and Main Street today are: an ambulance company, the fire company, a catholic church charity shop, and an ugly row house that has been badly renovated.


  3. licorice1977 says:

    Cute! I can’t really tell, but is your tintype a “hidden mother” photo? Sometimes the mother would be in the photo holding her child somehow. For whatever reason, they would try to obscure the mom in the photo, but it’s usually easy to tell. I have a hidden mother cabinet card :) She’s behind a wicker chair, with her hand holding her baby sitting in front. Only a bit of her sleeve is visible :)


    1. Mrs Marvel says:

      I do have some hidden mother photos but I don’t think this one is a hidden mother. It looks like baby is tied to the chair – something I have seen on other photos.


  4. licorice1977 says:

    How odd. I just got the notification about my previous comment I don’t know why I assumed that. On another note, I also have a T. R. Saurman tintype with an advertisement on the back, similar to yours. I bought it because of the advertising :)


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