Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past



Merry Christmas Happy New Year from The Mullins. A nice note was on the back.

Christmas Pix 9

The younger generation

Yes, these are the “younger generation” Mullins. Sure makes us feel old when we see how big they re getting. We moved to the country last summer and are very happy about tit. The children have their pets, I (Maurene) have peace & quiet – and all Jay has is a long ride to work & back. He’s still doing construction work – working on a power house right now.

Do you ever hear anything from any of the old Navy gang? Write.

Sincerely, The Mullins


2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

  1. IntenseGuy says:

    Seems like a “very warm” photo to send at Christmas!


    1. Mrs Marvel says:

      Looks a bit like some we sent when I was a kid – kids in shorts and tee shirts. :-)


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