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Lost and forgotten photos from the past

Liberty Bell 20

A bit of a dandy

Continuing on in the Liberty Bell album, we have a nice 20th century photograph of a young man. His hair is oiled, his collar is starched, and his tie is tucked into his vest. He also has some sort of pin on his lapel and one in the knot of his tie. With the striped shirt and tie, pins and carefully groomed appearance, he comes across as a bit of a dandy, but in all the good ways.

The photographer was the Fornell Studio in Worcester, MA. The history of the studio is murky, but I did find a reference to a photographer working for the Fornell Studio in 1963! Perhaps it was a family owned business, or the business name was retained after a new owner came on board. The photograph shown above looks to 1910-1925 to me.

One thought on “Liberty Bell 18

  1. My great grandmother was married to Mr Fornell of the Fornell Studio in Worcester. I have great photos of her hamming it up for him in front of the camera. He passed away and she married his half brother who was also a photographer. Not sure if they kept the studio after his death.


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