Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

Liberty Bell 15

Puffy Hair & High Neck

I am guessing the style of the high necked blouses was intent on making a woman’s neck look long and graceful. I can’t imagine any other reason for women to bind up or otherwise accentuate their necks. Young women in particular were fond of this style, but older women might not have liked it if they had sagging chins or wrinkles. I imagine it would not be flattering on that type of a neck.

Here’s a puffy haired lady photographed once again by Tilton in Exeter, NH. Note that what looks like a scratch, wrinkle or scar on her face is actually a scratch on the image itself.

One thought on “Liberty Bell 13

  1. Liutgard says:

    I can see a sagging chin or jowls being a drawback with that collar (my own great-grandmother being an example), but it was a great solution to a crepey neck. I’ve been looking at my own lately and thinking it wouldn’t be such a bad style!


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