Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

photo-66photo-68 photo-67Three photos found together in a packet, along with some other random photos. I believe they show a progression, with the baby being the first, then she is shown with her brother, and then the two siblings again. They are happy, round faced children who make me smile.

The baby photograph shows no photographer information.

The first photo of the siblings was done by Colville in 1917, no location.

The third photo was done by Peterson, in Tacoma, WA, no date.



One thought on “Siblings?

  1. mousleyka says:

    Such lovely photos. Their smiles are cherubic.

    The second photographer may have been Ernest F Colville (1 Mar 1876 in Iowa – Apr 1964) listed as a photographer living in Yakima, Washington.

    I know Yakima is a “haul” from Tacoma, but there isn’t much in between – so if this family lived in between – or moved a little ways – (the 1917 photo doesn’t seem to predate the third photo by more than a year or so to me).


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