Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

Summer day

Summer day

On the rocks, please

On the rocks, please

For this week’s Sepia Saturday prompt we have big hats and a picnic on the lawn. I may have even used one of these photos in the past, but with over 600 posts on the blog now, I’m not inclined to dig back through to find out for certain. :-) These 20th century images were probably taken in the early 1900s or 1910s by an amateur photographer, probably a friend of the family or family member. I have about 20 or so photos that are the same format – square mounted photo on a square, embossed card. The embossing varies, but generally trends toward vines and flowers. None of the people are identified.

Recently in another group, we were discussing Pinterest and how often the original owner of an image loses track of where their stuff gets pinned. I have experienced this myself, and so am working to watermark all my images for my various sites (I have 4). Recently I have been trying out PhotoBulk for the Mac. This little app allows you to determine a preset location for your watermark, font, color, and even if you want to use a logo. Then, you drop how ever many photos you want onto the app, and it processes the watermark onto every image. In some instances this is problematic if you use the wrong color font, as in I recently put a black watermark onto a black background. Duh, that didn’t show up! It’s fast, too! In the length of time it took to write these sentences, PhotoBulk could process 20-30 images, maybe even more. I have played with using Picnic on Google+ and I like the results there because I can make an overlay that is relatively transparent, and so doesn’t take away from the image itself. But, that process is slow, with each image handled individually.

Of course, once you put something on the internet there’s nothing stopping people from taking it. The watermark is one step in the direction toward protecting your intellectual property, artwork, images you own, etc., as well as driving traffic back to your site. (I can’t deny I like it when I see I am getting traffic coming from Pinterest.) If you are reading this and thinking of Pinning something (I don’t mind, I have a Pin It button down there) please always try to cite the origin of the image. It’s the least amount of internet courtesy and it’s very nice. It’s like saying “hey, this site has a lot of really interesting stuff, check it out!” :-)

For more photos of hats, picnics, happy groups of people and probably some actual discussion thereof, click over to Sepia Saturday. You will be happy you did!

Hats off!

20 thoughts on “Big Hats

  1. Deanne Moonchild Walker says:

    I really enjoy your blog and the fantastic photographs you share with all of us. Thank you for what you do! :-)


  2. Wendy says:

    You might have inadvertently created next week’s Sepia post at the same time: groups of 3! And I appreciate your good message regarding giving credit where credit is due.


  3. gluepot says:

    The 2¼” x 2¼” format corresponds to 117 film, used by the No 1 Brownie, which was ideal for taking on picnics and other outdoor activities. How nice to have these important records of early use of the Brownie. Thanks for sharing them.


  4. Rosie says:

    It just amazes me how well people dressed for an “outing” such as this. But, then again, a person was very meticulous about how they presented themselves when leaving their homes…..


  5. Great hats and I see a brother and sister sharing a nose here. Maybe a cousin?

    As for watermarks and the internet, I have encountered many photos from my collection in places that I wish would credit my website for the source. Otherwise the history and context is lost. A watermark might work for future images, but I don’t think it would fix those images already shared.


  6. Little Nell says:

    You could well have covered next week’s prompt too – siblings and groups of three! The watermark debate is an interesting one, and it’s true that once we put the pictures on the internet what’s to stop people using them? Mike’s point is a valid one too about the history being lost.I used to watermark but then stopped, partly for the reasons you’ve already stated about time and effort, but also when I wanted to make a book of my blogposts I had to reinsert the images. I don’t know what the answer is.


  7. Alan BURNETT says:

    I quite like the square format. We have good so used to the traditional 6×4 format that we always find it odd to see things in the square format, but I always find it concentrates the eye quite well on the essential detail.


  8. postcardy says:

    those photos are just right for next week too.


  9. I have some photos in card format and many of them were taken by professional photographers ‘on the street’.
    Thanks for the app tip – always looking for good useful apps.


  10. Sharon says:

    Wonderful photos that really need to be enlarged to be fully enjoyed.


  11. boundforoz says:

    I love hats. Always have. Wish the old style hats were still fashionable.


  12. Karen S. says:

    You out did yourself here indeed. I am a total fan of Pinterest too!


  13. Joan says:

    As for the photos — hurray for big hats. One really needed to be sure of oneself to wear a hat like that and not look overwhelmeded. On another note, I really liked your discussion of watermarks. Need to look into that. Thanks.


  14. PattyF says:

    Great photos! And a valid point about crediting where credit is due. It’s all too easy to forget.


  15. Early on people were upset that I watermarked images, but it serves multiple purposes. If nothing else it allows people to find the source of the image by the time it’s circled the net multiple times. I just use Photoshop to mark them as I need them so I’m always in control of where it goes and how dark I want it to be.

    I love little shots like these because they make me laugh. So small and yet if put on the scanner often full of details that the owners never got to see. There memories reduced to just a few inches, but we can enlarge and see what was actually experienced the day the shot was taken.


  16. Margaret says:

    I love square framed photographs. Interesting reading about PhotoBulk for Macs … I’ll have to investigate. Thanks.


  17. Bob Scotney says:

    I immediately thought of the groups as well and then it took a while to realise that the same people where in both photos,
    It is only polite to give credit where credit is due to photographs you use if not your own, Unfortunately not mahy people do.


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