Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

The happy couple

The happy couple

This photo of a mature couple features a long beard and an Edwardian styled dress. This dates the photo to after 1904. The lady’s hair is also more softly styled, an influence of the Gibson Girl style so popular around the turn of the century.

The photographer was probably G. C. Bauman in Burlington, IA. He was active beginning in the 1890s and has been documented as late as 1907. Bauman was also known to have photographed early Burlington, an area that has been registered with the National Registry of Historic Places. For a historical society, photographs of the early town must be a treasure! One wonders if the couple pictured above were important in the early town history, or simple residents. I think I’m going to contact the historical society and have a little chat.

4 thoughts on “Sepia portrait

  1. Joan says:

    I’d love to be in on your little chats — i would learn so much –professional to professional.


  2. Melissa Mcelman says:

    I found an old Cummings photograph of a bride I’m trying to find out who she is


  3. Melissa Mcelman says:

    Found a old Cummings photograph of a bride and trying to find out who it is in the picture


  4. Hope you find out something! :)


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