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When I saw this photo, I had to have it. My friend and I (both moms) giggled at the baby’s expression. It’s just so funny! It’s as though someone behind the photographer just played peek a boo with her and she is startled to see them. Her hair, although a bit blurry, reminds me of the cute “hair bow” I posted a few years ago in this photo. It looks as though the hair was curled into the shape of a bow on top of her head.

The unnamed baby was photographed by H. J. Corell of Mt. Jewett, PA. While I didn’t find any information on the photographer, I did find information on the embossing the photographer information on the cabinet card. It appears that embossing on the front of the card such as this was popular between 1894-1900.

2 thoughts on “Peek a boo!

  1. IntenseGuy says:

    Harry J. Corell (Jan. 24, 1847 – Oct. 26, 1917) is shown in the 1900 US Census working as a photographer at Mount Jewett, McKean County, PA.

    His Find-A-Grave memorial is:


    and shows his self-portrait.


  2. That baby thinks Mr. Corell’s mustache is most impressive!


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