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Lost and forgotten photos from the past



On a Victorian cabinet card it is unusual to see a smile because of the long set up and exposure time of the photographic technology available. This photograph however shows a young girl with a funny, pudgy face and a tiny smile. And maybe crossed eyes. She is dressed in some type of jumper with lace collar and a necklace, as well as curled ringlets at her ears.

The photographer was J. B. Neff of Bellaire, Ohio. Interestingly, the direction given is “opposite post office” which is the same direction for R. L. Henderson, shown recently, from the same town. It is possible that Neff sold his business to Henderson, however Neff is documented to have been in business in Bellaire in 1892. The previous photograph featured deckled edges of the card and that was a known style of the 1890s. By 1897 Neff had moved to Cincinnati, so again it is possible he sold his studio to Henderson and Henderson felt the direction was to be retained.

One thought on “A smile

  1. She is as cute as she can be and smiling..not many photos are found from that era with a smile:)


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