Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

Have you ever noticed when digging through a pile or box of old photos, the musty smell of attic? A surge of that odor hit me today as I searched for photos for this week’s Sepia Saturday post. It reminded me of my grandmother who had a really neat attic (neat to a kid, not neat as in tidy), which reminded me that she and my grandfather went on a couple cruises back in the day, and that brings us full circle to the prompt, which is ships, water, vacations, travel, etc. Let’s make up a little story shall we?

Disclaimer: all situations and incidents herein are fictional and completely fabricated for the sake of entertaining the Sepians visiting. Any relation, similarity or familiarity with these photos, situations and incidents are completely coincidental. Some names have been changed to protect the innocent. Or, completely made up. In fact, yes, they are all completely made up.

Boats 1

You aren’t going anywhere, my dear!

Here we have Vernon and Myrtle standing by the port side of their ship. Myrtle is a bit nervous about the whole cruise experience, so Vernon is making sure she doesn’t waste their money by jumping ship. Vernon just robbed Fort Knox.

Boats 3

You can’t see he’s got hold of her coat in back

That’s more like it, Myrtle, act natural. The feds are on to us and we need to make it to Rio.

Quit pushing, Betty!

Quit pushing, Betty!

Betty and Florinda met Vernon and Myrtle on board the ship. They are happy to be escaping a life of housework and childrearing in Iowa by moving to Rio. They plan to open up a bar with Vernon and Myrtle. Last we heard from them….. you add the next bit!

For probably more serious nautical themed pictures, click over to Sepia Saturday. You will be happy you did!

All aboard!

15 thoughts on “Let’s take a trip

  1. lissajuliana says:

    Last we heard from them, Betty, Florinda and Myrtle sent a postcard from a houseboat on the Amazon. They ditched Vernon back in Rio after he bought drinks on the house for one too many Brazilian bombshells. They made off with just enough gold from the Fort Knox heist to motor up the Amazon in search of the elusive boto, or pink river dolphin. Legend has it that the botos turn into beautiful young men who seduce women by night, but disappear at dawn. They promise to send another postcard soon…


  2. gluepot says:

    I presume that all three all come from the same batch? Yes, perhaps this sort of story is all we’ll ever have for such lost souls.


  3. Wendy says:

    I bet Betty and Florinda viewed themselves as two wild and crazy gals on holiday posing on top of those whatchamacallits.


  4. Susan says:

    Great photographs with an equally (fantasy) adventure to go with them! :-D


  5. Bob Scotney says:

    The best stories are often the ones we make up, Great photos.


  6. You are so funny! I love what you did here. Here is the rest of the story:

    Near the end of the trip, the three women had had it with Vernon’s overbearing ways, threw him overboard and used the gold to begin their new lives (because all three agreed that part was a great plan). Florinda and Betty did end up opening a high-class nightclub, and Myrtle retired with a slew of young handsome lovers to accompany her in frivolity until she died peacefully at the age of 82. Nobody back in the states never heard anything more from the four ever again. The end.


  7. postcardy says:

    I liked your amusing captions–even better than a whole story.


  8. anyjazz says:

    A fitting treatment for some abandoned photographs. They take on a life of their own.


  9. They met up with a couple of Billionaires and were sailing off into the sunset on yacht..leaving child rearing and housework behind forever:)
    Yes I have smelled that old attic smell..especially at the museum:)


  10. Karen S. says:

    Great post- from dusty corners of an attic to real life Sepia Saturday- the best kinds of finds and sharing them with us!


  11. Last we heard from them they had won a cattle ranch in Argentina in a poker game. Vernon now refused to answer to anything but Gaucho Vernon.


  12. Little Nell says:

    You entertained us twice over; once with the photos and then with the story.


  13. Ha, ha, you have quite the imagination! So many millions of photos taken shipboard over the years and so many stories behind them!


  14. Alan BURNETT says:

    Wonderful photographs and a thoroughly enjoyable commentary. It certainly looks cold on that boat.


  15. Mrs Marvel says:

    I love all the potential endings of the story! Excellent, everyone!


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