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Lost and forgotten photos from the past

Hi Fella

Hi Fella

This real photo postcard from the Rudd collection is an AZO brand with the triangles all pointing up, so that dates it to between 1904-1918. The boy and his dog pose in the yard or field. The dog looks like a retriever of some kind. In the background there appears to be a picnic taking place. It’s a lovely, pastoral image that makes me think of easier, slower times, warm sunshine and the smell of outdoors – sun baked grasses, trees, wet earth and flowers…


2 thoughts on “A boy and a dog

  1. Maca says:

    Adorable photo, I love how the boy put his little hand on the dog’s back, like he really cares for this dog, lovely!


  2. I have had two flat-coat retrievers which are black and that certainly looks very much like one. A fine snapshot.


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