Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

Rudd 23

Jack Dicaslito?

The back of this real photo postcard indicates this is possibly Jack Dicaslito, or it could have been sent to Jack. The exact text is:

Jack Dicaslito


B. F. Rudd

Green Forest, Ark

The city there could also possibly be Drum Forest or Rain Forest, but I’m leaning toward Green Forest. The postcard itself doesn’t have any of the nice stamp box insignia that helps date these postcards. My guess is it was somewhere between 1910-1930.

7 thoughts on “My latest photo

  1. ruddmcginnis says:

    The “woman on a mule” looks familiar, not that I’ve figured out who she is, but because I remember seeing very similar old photos in my grandparents’ albums. Our family used to be very much into ranches, livestock, horseback riding; and my grandfather owned three different ranches during my lifespan. Horseback riding, camping outside, etc. was very much a part of our family heritage. The Rudd Family in Arizona, along with the Colter and Slaughter kin were probably among the foremost of horseback riders in bygone days., All of us have enjoyed owning animals. My California cousins in Santa Rosa kept mules and donkeys as part of their menage until only recently, since the kids have grown up and gone away. What joy it is for most anyone to be “back in the saddle again!” Wish I had a barn full of livestock! Thanks.


  2. webmeist says:

    Well, I found a little something about your BF Rudd photo. I searched for the Dicaslito name in Arkansas and found nothing, but I think there’s actually a town named after the Rudd fellow. But it brings up a confederate soldier reunion in Green Forest, wherever that is…Rudd is on the google map on that search also…


    1. ruddmcginnis says:

      Thank you for that research, Webmeist. And also thank you again to our host Mrs. Marvel. Yes, yes, yes – our Rudd family who went by oxen-driven wagon train to homestead in Arizona Territory, did indeed come from Carrol County, Arkansas. And you are finding a lot of interesting information about our people. It really helps them to “come alive” again – to see these old photos, to read about what they did a hundred and fifty years ago, what their lives were like, etc. Its the “history” of the U.S. and all of us can better understand how we have gotten to where WE are today. (I cringe to read about a little slave boy being “sold” just before the Civil War! It turns my stomach to imagine “slaves” at all. That period was not so very long ago – just two or three generations, huh? This nation is stilll in recovery over our own Civil War; and our leaders have sent our American military people out into the world to show other nations how to “do it”.)
      Rudd, Arkansas is named for our family. Being able to even Google-Map it and vicariously “see” that country where some of our people used to live…..I could imagine those hills and fields with none of the paved roads, nor modern houses. It becomes a “peek back in time” to what the outside environment looked like. All of this land of ours is so beautiful, wherever we may be at the moment. All of us are so lucky to be alive, to be living here, and thanks to a little on-line “community” like the “Who Were They?” we can share our thoughts and research with one another……Thanks, everyone.


  3. webmeist says:

    here’s something else. the article mentioned in the first post states only about Frank Rudd, but in the next to last post they mention benjamin frank rudd. interesting. maybe it’s him? the question is who would the Dicaslito fellow be?


  4. Mrs Marvel says:

    I have been searching Ancestry and there is nothing on this man, not even one possible hit. I even tried “Dicastilo” in case the inscription was not written by the subject, but maybe someone else accidentally crossed the L and left the T. But, nothing.


  5. Brandon King says:

    This photo was apparently sent to my great-great-grandfather, Benjamin Franklin Rudd in Green Forest, Arkansas. I’ll have to research his connection with Jack Dicaslito. It’s interesting to note Dicaslito’s inscription: “My latest photo.”


  6. Brandon King says:

    I still haven’t identified Jack Dicaslito, but Barry Williams said he looks like a Colter.

    Barry is also a Rudd descendant still living in Springerville, Arizona, who actually knew the Colters.

    Compare this portrait with one of [Fred T. Colter](https://goo.gl/images/fk6aSA).


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