Who Were They?

Lost and forgotten photos from the past

Rudd 28

Notch Trail, Barlow Ranch

This AZO Real Photo postcard was mailed July 21, 1927 from Jack to Papa Bates, aka Mr W. H. Bates, Ardmore, Oklahoma. The message written on the back is as follows:

Dear Papa Bates,

Guess who this is in this picture? I’m having a fine time. Wish you were with me. I liked your letter. Write me again.

Love, Jack

The front of the card shows Jack in the left of the image, looking a bit like a tree. Underneath that it says “Notch Trail, Barlow Ranch.” The Barlow Ranch was located in Antonito, CO and was a dude ranch. It opened in about 1920 when William H. Barlow purchased the ranch. The Barlow family sold it in 1945 and moved to New Mexico. Click here to see the Barlow Family genealogy site on the ranch.

The postcard was in the Rudd collection of photos and I would guess Jack and Papa Bates are somehow interrelated with the Rudds.

One thought on “Through the trees

  1. I love this photograph because I love birch trees! They do overpower the subjects.


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